Comparison of Salesforce Project Management Apps

Shogun Performs Salesforce Project Management App Comparison

Over 25 Salesforce project management apps are evaluated against 200+ requirements. Contains summary scores with links to detailed reviews for each app. In the detailed reviews, you can download a spreadsheet for each app that shows its fit/gap against the 200+ requirements, and perform your own review.

This page and the detailed reviews should help you narrow down a short list of options for a Salesforce project management app. The requirements spreadsheets can then be used as a starting point to compare the app’s functionality. You first weight the individual requirements based on your priorities, place the apps side-by-side and then compare their scores.

Evaluation Methodology

I’ve been evaluating all of the Salesforce project management software and sharing the results to help others save time in making an informed decision. I started the evaluation as marketing research for the Salesforce project management app I built: Project Lifecycle Pro. I’m doing my best to give a unbiased review, but I’ve attached the detailed Excel spreadsheets in the detailed reviews which you can use to perform your own analysis. Here are detailed instructions on how to use the spreadsheet to weight requirements and compare multiple software packages side-by-side.

The evaluations are structured around the Project Management Institute’s (PMI)© project management process. This is outlined in the PM Book of Knowledge (PMBOK)©. First, the project management processes are listed and then the activities within each process. Finally, a list of requirements related to each of the activities were documented. The list of requirements is based upon thirty years of project management experience and experience evaluating project management tools for clients. When novel functionality is discovered in the software being evaluated it is added to the requirements list. Of course this is an ongoing process, and suggestions for additional requirements are always welcome.

All processes and requirements are given equal weights, but you can adjust the scoring weights in the Excel spreadsheet to suit your needs. Each requirement was rated as either:

  • Yes – As Is – Meaning, the requirement is met with out-of-the-box functionality. This rating is awarded four points.
  • Yes – With Configuration – Meaning the requirement can be met with minimal configuration or no-code updates. Since, Salesforce is highly configurable this rating is used for simple things like changing picklist values, adding a field to an existing data object, creating a report, etc. This rating is awarded two points.
  • No – Not Available or Requires Customization – Meaning the requirement cannot be met without significant investment of time or money. This rating is assigned if custom coding would be required, or a new custom data object, or a new custom flow. This rating is awarded zero points.

Finally, the scoring spreadsheet totaled the ratings by process to show how the apps compare by process. Therefore, you can assess the apps based on which processes are the most important to you. For the most current scoring spreadsheet, see this post: Free Helpful Project Management Software Selection Spreadsheet

Each evaluated Salesforce project management app has its own individual post. The post contains a summary of the evaluation and a link to the detailed scoring spreadsheet, so you can see individual scoring by requirement. The spreadsheet is also built to support evaluating up to seven software options, so you can score seven apps against each other based on the priorities you assign to the individual requirements.

Salesforce Project Management App Categories

Salesforce project management apps can be grouped into four categories. Most apps cut across more than one category but they have a primary category they were built to serve. Identifying the category of app you want to implement will greatly help you reduce your evaluation time. The four categories are:

Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Tools

These apps are focused on the integration management process to capture project data and foster visibility and collaboration, while instilling a standard project management process. Think of enabling an executive to open a dashboard to see the status of all projects. Or, an app that facilitates rolling up all project costs to a department budget. Or an app that facilitates the annual process of evaluating and selecting capital improvement projects.

Scheduling Tools

These apps are focused on the schedule management process and are most easily identified by containing a Gantt chart to perform detailed task planning. These tools are what most people think of when thinking about project management. But the project schedule is typically the sole purview of the project manager, and these tools don’t address the full project management process or the collaboration requirements with the project team. Microsoft Project and Primavera would fall into this category, but of course, they aren’t Salesforce apps.

Professional Services Application (PSA) Tools

These apps are focused on supporting professional services firms which turn Salesforce opportunities into projects once a contract is awarded. The key functionality is to create a standard project schedule based on the type of opportunity and to manage the project resources. Thus, they are primarily focused on the resource management process. Tasks are assigned labor hours and then resources are assigned to avoid overallocations and to ensure on-time delivery of the project. Actual time is then recorded against the project so that the customer can be billed.

Specialized Tools

This is a miscellaneous category which consists of small, highly-specialized apps which would serve as addons to a comprehensive project management solution.

Evaluation Summaries


NameOverall CoveragePrimary Process CoverageKey DifferentiatorsDetailed Review
Cloud Coach Ultimate51%Integration Management – 61%Nice User Interface, Cost Schedule, Easy Time EntryCC
Project Lifecycle Pro39%Integration Management – 56%Advanced project access, Dynamic dashboards, Release-level planning, Standard EstimatesPLP
Salesforce Project Management Tool25%Integration Management – 55%Free w/Service CloudPMT

Scheduling Tools

NameOverall CoveragePrimary Process CoverageKey DifferentiatorsDetailed Review
Asana for Salesforce38%Schedule Management – 61%Goals. List, Gantt, Kanban and Calendar views.ASF
Salesforce Agile Accelerator24%Schedule Management – 39%Supports Agile Scrum Teams, Free, No GanttAA
Inspire Planner46%Schedule Management – 72%Fully Functioning Gantt ChartIP
Milestone PM33%Schedule Management – 51%Automated Task Alerts, Record Time Against Any ObjectMPM
Precursive OBX33%Schedule Management – 60%Onboarding Kanban board, with unique user interface.OBX
Smartsheet42%Schedule Management – 60%Very flexible, can build almost anything in low code platformSS
TaskRay34%Schedule Management – 58%Five Schedule Views. Premium version has resource management functionality.TR
Wrike for Salesforce53%Schedule Management – 71%Very flexible. Highly functional scheduling tool.WFSF

Best Salesforce Project Management Scheduling Tools

PSA Tools

NameOverall CoveragePrimary Process CoverageKey DifferentiatorsDetailed Review
Arrow PSA42%Resource Management – 48%Earliest/Latest start and finish dates.APSA
Certinia Professional Services Cloud53%Resource Management –
Great scheduling tool. Full suite of apps.CPSC
Cloud Coach Ultimate51%Resource Management – 55%Nice User Interface, Cost Schedule, Easy Time EntryCC
Kantata61%Resource Management – 93%Great scheduling tool. Full suite of resource and cost management functionality.KA
Klient PSA50%Resource Management – 62%Great scheduling tool. Not integrated with Salesforce Sales.KPSA
Leankor41%Resource Management – 29%Excellent scheduling tool. Weaker on cost/resource management.LK
Mission Control60%Resource Management – 67%Good Gantt, Very Detailed Resource PlanningMC
Neilon Project Management10%Resource Management – 14%Emails Quotes and InvoicesNPM
Precursive PSA52%Resource Management – 88%Advanced Kanban board and revenue recognition features.PSA
Projecleo17%Resource Management – 12%Inexpensive. Very limited functionality.PC
Salesforce Professional Services Automation21%Resource Management – 43%Project-level resource allocations.SPSA

Best Salesforce Project Management PSA Tools

Specialized Tools

NameOverall CoveragePrimary Process CoverageKey DifferentiatorsDetailed Review
Customized Timeline/Milestone ProcessN/ASchedule ManagementGreat tool for measuring cycle times of standard process/projects. Better than Flowdometer, but paid subscription.CTMP
DayBackN/ASchedule ManagementConsolidate schedules/tasks across multiple objects/appsDB
FlowdometerN/ASchedule ManagementGood tool for measuring cycle times of standard processes/projects.FL
Gantt-Chart Lightning Web ComponentN/AN/ABroken – Don’t UseGC
KickboardN/AIntegration ManagementExcellent and free virtual whiteboard tool.KB
LoopioN/ASales/RFP ResponseNot a Salesforce app. Simply launches Loopio RFP responses using integration with Salesforce opportunities.None
ProjectivityN/AResource Management – 43%Clean process for creating and filling project resource requests.PR
Resource Availability CheckerN/ASchedule ManagementBroken – Don’t UseRAC
Resource HeroN/AResource Management – 24%Can assign resources to any custom object. Better than score, penalized because assigning resources to a project has to be configured.RH
ResponsiveN/ASales/RFP ResponseNot a Salesforce app. Simply launches Responsive RFP responses using integration with Salesforce opportunities.None
Task ManagerN/ASchedule ManagementCustom tab for Salesforce tasksTM
Varasi Program ManagementN/ACommunications Management – 45%Plans and tracks live training sessions. Cannot handle online training.VPM

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