Review of Salesforce Gantt-Chart Lightning Web Component

Shogun Evaluating Salesforce Gantt-Chart Lightning Web Component App

Salesforce Gantt-Chart LWC is broken. Move along, nothing to see here. Based on the reviews it hasn’t worked since 2019, even though the listing says it was updated in January 2023. I loaded it into a sandbox to see if I could at least learn how to build my own Gantt chart object but I wasn’t able to view any of the lightning web component details to learn how it was built.

Summary of Findings

Broken. The Salesforce Gantt-Chart Lightning Web Component was published by Salesforce Labs. This means it was developed for internal use within Salesforce, and they shared it publicly for free use on the AppExchange. However, as evidenced that the Gantt-Chart Lightning Web Component has been broken for four years, these apps are not maintained or supported. Therefore, if you install one of these apps you may run into issues in the future if it is broken by a future release. Since the apps are managed, you most likely won’t be able to fix the issues if it does become broken in the future.

The app is very simple. It has three objects: project, resource and allocation. It is supposed to show a listing of the people assigned to a project with their allocation along a timeline. Once I created a project, resource and allocation I received the following error message whenever I navigated within the app.

I thought that the error could have been caused by an incorrect install. However, I wasn’t even able to download the provided install guide because I wasn’t able to log into the source with my Salesforce account. Given there are several comments dating from 2019 that the app was broken, I came to the conclusion it wasn’t an error with my install.

Gantt-Chart Lightning Web Component
Total Score0%
Communications Management0%
Cost Management0%
Integration Management0%
Procurement Management0%
Quality Management0%
Resource Management0%
Risk Management0%
Schedule Management0%
Scope Management0%
Stakeholder Management0%

Salesforce Gantt-Chart Lightning Web Component Pricing

Free. But of course, it is broken so not even worth that price.

In Conclusion

It is broken and will probably never be fixed. Enough said.



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