Detailed Review of Resource Availability Checker Salesforce App

Shogun trying to figure out why Resource Availability Checker keeps scheduling people who are on vaction.

Resource Availability Checker is found to have a serious bug that makes it unusable.

Resource Availability Checker App Summary Findings

This is a super simple app used to identify which people with a certain skill set are available for a particular meeting time. The app is used for scheduling meetings as Salesforce Events.

This isn’t a bad little app in concept, but it has a serious bug that would disqualify it from use within a company. The app doesn’t recognize a person is unavailable if they have an all-day event scheduled. So, you end up scheduling people for meetings when they are on vacation.

How to Use the Resource Availability Checker App

First, don’t. See the serious bug above. But if you insist, you must follow this process:

  • Create a custom lightning record page for the Event Object that includes the custom “Resource Availability Checker” component.
  • List all the relevant skills in a new custom object called “Skills”.
  • For each of the new skills, assign all the people with that skill to the related “Skill Qualification” object.

Once the setup is complete, when you create an event, you can specify the skills required. When you click ‘Check Available Resources’ it will list the people who have availability on their calendars. You can then click on the name to add them to the meeting.

Resource availability checker screenshot


It is free.

In Conclusion

You can only use this app for scheduling if you are okay with it not recognizing all-day events. I’m not sure what use case would be okay with this, but maybe one exists.



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