Project Management Software Evaluations

Project Management Software Evaluation Spreadsheets

Detailed software evaluation spreadsheets are available for download so that you can select the best project management tools for your needs. Provides a quantifiable method for evaluating software packages and making a final purchase decision.

Two Options

Key Features

  • Contains over 200+ project management requirements.
  • Organized by the ten PMBOK project management processes: schedule management, risk management, etc.
  • Provides an overall score and individual scores for the ten project management processes.
  • Can compare six software packages side-by-side
  • Customizable:
    • Prioritize individual requirements based on your needs to generate a custom score
    • Weight processes based on your needs to generate a custom score
    • Add or subtract requirements
    • Add additional columns to compare more than six software packages

This page provides detailed instructions on how to use the spreadsheets.

Narrow Your Search

Start at one of the two comparison pages to narrow down the project management tools you want to evaluate. There is one for Salesforce apps and another for all other tools.

Scoring Spreadsheet Screenshot
Example of Evaluation Spreadsheet

Detailed Software Reviews

Blog posts are written for every evaluated software package, providing:

  • An overall assessment
  • Pricing
  • Score against 200+ requirements
  • Key strengths and weaknesses for the ten project management processes
  • Links to other reviews
Scoring Summary Screenshot
Example of Scoring Summary

‘Best of’ Recommendations

Cut through all the clutter and use the ‘best of’ recommendations to narrow down your search. ‘Best of’ recommendations are written for the various classes of project management tools.

  • Contain the top scoring 3-4 software packages for a functional class.
  • Highlights the key differentiators between the packages for the most important processes.
  • Pricing.

Current ‘Best of’ recommendations:

Key Differentiators Screenshot
Example Key Differentiators

Salesforce Project Management Evaluations

If you are a Salesforce customer, you should consider the many project management options. Built on the low-code Salesforce cloud platform, these apps are easily customized to match your specific project management processes.

  • Customize the type of data collected.
  • Customize workflows and approvals.
  • Customize notifications.
  • Customize reports and dashboards.
  • Customize screens.

Start your exploration of Salesforce project management apps at one of the two links below. The portal attempts to answer all the typical questions about Salesforce project management apps. The comparison page lists all of the apps and their scores, with links to the detailed reviews.