Project Management Software Evaluation Spreadsheet

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Perform quick, accurate and objective evaluations of your project management software options using over 200 standard project management requirements.

Project Management Tool Evaluation Spreadsheet Screenshot of Requirements
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Project Management Evaluation Spreadsheet

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Pre-Evaluated Project Management Tools

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  • 200+ requirements already identified
  • Scoring automation already built
  • Quickly identify key differentiators in side-by-side comparisons
  • Easy customization


  • Objective evaluations based on the same requirements
  • Distinguish between out-of-the-box, configured and custom functionality
  • Weight scores based on your priorities
  • Add your own custom requirements
  • Quantifiable support for the final selection

Key Features

  • Prioritize individual requirements
  • Standard side-by-side comparison of 6 packages, but you can add as many as you wish!
  • Custom weighted scores by:
    • Process
    • Priority
    • Fit
  • Percentage-based and absolute scores
  • Requirements grouped by standard PMI project management processes
  • 200+ requirements based on dozens of package evaluations and thirty years of project management experience
  • Customize any way you wish
  • Full functionality of Excel

Find Your Best Project Management Tool

  • Visit the project management evaluation homepage for all the options
  • Search the shop for pre-evaluated project management tool spreadsheets
  • Search the blog for free detailed reviews of individual project management tools (Smartsheets, Wrike, Asana, Certinia, Kantata, etc.)
  • Review our comparison of project management apps built on Salesforce

Free Software Evaluation Spreadsheet Template

Same evaluation spreadsheet without the 200+ project management requirements. Use for any type of software. FREE.

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Most companies attempting to improve their project cycle management struggle with evaluating project management software.  This is because the overwhelming number of choices and the lack of details make it difficult to develop a shortlist of project management tools for detailed fit gap analysis.

When this happens, the selection process can drag on for months.  Until all of a sudden, it is realized that the selection process must begin again because none of the software selected for detailed analysis will meet requirements.  And, the management of the software selection process is then called into question.

The Project Management Evaluation Spreadsheets excel in improving the speed and quality of the project management software selection process. The spreadsheets enable software selection teams to select a valid shortlist of project management tools for detailed software fit gap analysis, and to structure the analysis into a quantifiable and supportable recommendation. 

The reason why I recommend Project Management Evaluation Spreadsheets is because it’s the single most effective way to perform a software fit gap analysis quickly and accurately.  And the benefits of performing a software evaluation quickly and accurately is the implementation of a project management solution that is welcomed by the users and drives business success.

All of which allows you to gain the appreciation of the entire company for successfully delivering a valuable project cycle management solution.