Project Management Software Evaluation Spreadsheets

Use the same tools and processes employed by management consultants to help clients select software. Perform your own project management software selection at a fraction of the cost and time.

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Speed Up Your Project Management Software Selection Process

Purchase the Project Management Software Evaluation Spreadsheets to perform your own selection process and save thousands of dollars on consulting fees. Save weeks and select the right software.

  • 200+ project management requirements
  • Fully customizable
  • Increased quality of the recommendation
  • 20+ completed reviews of PM tools
  • Quantifiable and defendable tool recommendation
  • Recommendation accepted by users and management

Project Management Software Evaluation Spreadsheet

– Only $19.99 $9.99
– Template with 200+ project management requirements
– Fully customizable

Pre-Evaluated Project Management Software Evaluation Spreadsheets

– Only $19.99
– Specific PM tool evaluations: Asana, Wrike, Smartsheets, Kantata, Certinia, Mission Control and more!

  1. Download the spreadsheet
  2. Meet with stakeholders to edit/add and prioritize requirements
  3. Perform fit/gap analysis on software using free trials or demos
  4. Compare evaluation scores between software options
  5. Select software based on functionality evaluation score (i.e. fit gap) and price

Detailed Spreadsheet Instructions

  1. Provides a structure to the software selection process
  2. Provides an initial list of 200+ standard requirements
  3. Provides easy ways to customize scoring priorities
  4. Provides automated scoring calculations
  5. Provides a quantifiable score to support the final recommendation
  6. Provides a process to quickly bring stakeholders to a consensus on the final recommenation
  7. Provides a detailed review to minimize the risk that the selected software does not support a critical requirement
  1. Save time from building your own evaluation spreadsheet
  2. Save time documenting standard requirements, to focus on company-specific requirements
  3. Save thousands of dollars by performing the evaluation yourself rather than hiring a consultant
  4. Save time developing a short list of options
  5. Increase the quality of the software selection
Project Management Tool Evaluation Spreadsheet Screenshot of Requirements
Requirements (Click for Full Image)
Project Management Tool Evaluation Spreadsheet Scoring Screenshot
Automated Scoring (Click for Full Image)
Project Management Tool Evaluation Spreadsheet Screenshot of Constants
Fully Customizable (Click for Full Image)
  • Thirty years as a management consultant and project manager
  • Seven years as a senior manager in Ernst & Young’s consulting practice
  • Certified Project Management Professional
  • LinkedIn Recommendations

“Brian is one of the most talented and effective program managers with whom I have worked.” Fortune 500 Electric Utility

“[Brian] drove a project that involved significant change so that it was delivered on schedule.” Fortune 500 Global Shipping Company

“Brian is one of the best project/program managers I have ever worked with” Fortune 500 Electric Utility

Most companies attempting to improve their project cycle management struggle with evaluating project management software.  This is because the overwhelming number of choices and the lack of details make it difficult to develop a shortlist of project management tools for detailed fit gap analysis.

When this happens, the selection process can drag on for months.  Until all of a sudden, it is realized that the selection process must begin again because none of the software selected for detailed analysis will meet requirements.  And, the management of the software selection process is then called into question.

The Project Management Evaluation Spreadsheets excel in improving the speed and quality of the project management software selection process. The spreadsheets enable software selection teams to select a valid shortlist of project management tools for detailed software fit gap analysis, and to structure the analysis into a quantifiable and supportable recommendation. 

The reason why I recommend Project Management Evaluation Spreadsheets is because it’s the single most effective way to perform a software fit gap analysis quickly and accurately.  And the benefits of performing a software evaluation quickly and accurately is the implementation of a project management solution that is welcomed by the users and drives business success.

All of which allows you to gain the appreciation of the entire company for successfully delivering a valuable project cycle management solution.

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