Project Life Cycle Pro Free Trial Installation Instructions

Samurai Installing Project Lifecycle Pro

There are two options for installing a free trial of Project Lifecycle Pro. If you don’t have a Salesforce account you still have the ability to use both options:

  • Test Drive
    • Quickest and easiest option.
    • Does not require a Salesforce account.
    • Static, read-only experience.
    • Pre-populated with sample projects.
  • Full Trial (Get it Now)
    • Fully-functioning app. You can add your own projects, edit existing projects or make customizations.
    • Multiple install options:
      • Install in a new dedicated org without a Salesforce account.
      • Install in an existing sandbox with a Salesforce account.
      • Install in a new dedicated org with a Salesforce account.
    • Pre-populated with sample projects.
    • Requires post-install configuration.
    • Requires manually installing some configuration files for full functionality.
    • Access for 14 days, but you can request extensions.

Start the process at the Project Lifecycle Pro AppExchange Listing

Test Drive Installation Instructions

Skip to Full Trial Installation Instructions

1) Select Test Drive

2) Choose Trailblazer or Guest

3) Register

Register as Trailblazer

Register as Guest

4) Wait to Load

5) Open App

Full Trial Installation Option

1) Select Full Trial

2) Choose Trailblazer or Guest

Guest Option

Skip to Trailblazer Option

3a) Register

4a) Wait for Email

5a) Verify Account from Email

6a) Create Password

7a) Open Project Lifecycle Pro App

Skip to Post-Install Instructions

Trailblazer Option

3b) Log Into Trailblazer

4b) Select Where to Install Trial

Trailblazer: Sandbox

Skip to Trial Org Option

5c) Accept Terms and Conditions

6c) Log Into Sandbox

7c) Enter Installation Key

8c) Wait for Installation

Sandbox Install is Complete

Skip to Post Install Instructions

Trailblazer: Trial Org

5d) Accept Terms and Conditions

6d) Wait for Install

7d) Access from Email

8d) Open Project Lifecycle Pro App

Post-Install Instructions

If you installed the free trial (not the test drive) there are additional manual installs and configurations required to get the full functionality. The detailed post-install instructions are in the Project Lifecycle Pro Admin Manual.

Part of the post-install is the manual installation of configuration files which could not be included in the app’s managed package. You will need to be an administrator and familiar with SFDC to install these fiels. For trial purposes, this is optional, but is required for the following functionality:

  • Dynamic Approval Process – When a project is routed for approval, it will automatically be routed to the project sponsor and steering committee members.
  • Backlog Manager Group – Allows setup of backlog managers, with broad project access rights to manage the project backlog and assign project managers.
  • Sharing Rules – Allows company-wide access to public projects and programs. Defines access rights of backlog managers.

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