Now a Proud Member of Pledge 1%

Springman Consulting is now a member of Pledge 1%. Pledge 1% encourages early corporate philanthropy. My wife (Toni) and I are pledging our time to Mel’s Diner. Mel’s is a food mission that was started in our neighbor’s garage. It now serves 800 meals a week using volunteer labor and food donated by local grocery stores and restaurants (shout out to Harris Teeter, Whole Foods and Chick-fil-A).

Toni already works on Mel’s full-time coordinating the volunteers and the food pickups. You wouldn’t believe the amount of food which is donated each week. There is so much of it, it can’t all be cooked by Mel’s Diner so lots of it is being distributed to other food missions and charities in Charlotte.

Pledge 1% has a large community of corporate philanthropists supporting each other. If you would like to join click the logo above to be taken to the pledge page.


Brian Springman

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