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This post reviews the Wrike functionality provided to integrate Wrike with Salesforce. This is supplemental post to the detailed review of all Wrike functionality.

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Wrike/Salesforce Integration Summary Findings

Wrike provides multiple standard integrations with Salesforce. They boil down to three main integrations:

  • Share or sync Wrike tasks on Salesforce. You can either view Wrike tasks on associated Salesforce objects (i.e. opportunities, accounts, etc.), or you can synch Wrike and Salesforce tasks.
  • Post Salesforce data to Wrike folders or projects. You can create an association between a Wrike folder or project and a Salesforce object. This will result in the Salesforce object’s data being posted to Wrike. An example would be associating a Salesforce opportunity to a Wrike folder and posting the opportunity stage or revenue estimate.
  • Create cross-app workflows. You can create automated workflows which are triggered in Wrike but update Salesforce objects or vice versa. For example, you could create a workflow where marking an opportunity in Salesforce as ‘won’ triggers the creation of project via template in Wrike.

Here is Wrike’s overall project management functionality score which is based on the Wrike detailed review post.

Total Score53%
Communications Management14%
Cost Management32%
Integration Management52%
Procurement Management13%
Quality Management25%
Resource Management79%
Risk Management75%
Schedule Management71%
Scope Management44%
Stakeholder Management29%

Wrike/Salesforce Integration Options

The following are the integration options supported by Wrike. Of course, you could always build your own integration with tools like Zapier.


Provides one-way integration of data between Wrike and Salesforce.

  • Place a Wrike task widget on any Salesforce object’s lightning record page. You can add the widget to both standard and custom objects. Now the Wrike tasks associated with the Salesforce record are displayed on the Salesforce page. The Wrike tasks displayed in Salesforce can only be viewed in Salesforce (not updated). However, you can click on a displayed task and it will open a Wrike tab to make updates.
  • Post Salesforce object data to a Wrike folder or project. For example, you could post the opportunity stage or revenue to a Wrike project.

Salesforce via Wrike Sync

This is a synched two-way interface built in Unito. You can sync opportunities, contacts, cases or tasks. The main use case would be to sync Wrike tasks to the Salesforce task object. This would allow Salesforce users to create and update Wrike project tasks within Salesforce.

The Unito solution also includes automation so that you can create Wrike tasks based on the status of Salesforce objects. For example, create a Wrike task when a Salesforce opportunity reaches a particular stage.

Wrike Integrate

Wrike Integrate allows you to integrate Wrike with hundreds of other apps including Salesforce. These are basically cross-app record-triggered workflows. If a record is created/updated in Salesforce the workflow will create/update a record in Wrike and vice versa. Some examples are:

  • Opportunity won in Salesforce, create a project from a template in Wrike
  • New case in Salesforce will create a Wrike task

There several prebuilt Salesforce integrations to choose from:

  • Salesforce
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Zuora for Salesforce

Wrike/Salesforce Integration Pricing

Pricing is going to vary based on the type of integration and Wrike does not publish these prices. There are also minimum package requirements.

SalesforceBusiness, Enterprise or Pinnacle AccountEnterprise or Unlimited$0
Salesforce via Wrike SyncNoneNoneContact Wrike or Unito Sales
Wrike IntegrateNoneNoneContact Wrike Sales

Review Methodology

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the Wrike/Salesforce integration to work. I had the required Salesforce and Wrike test environments but when I installed the Wrike widget in Salesforce I got the following error: “You are logged in to a different Wrike account than the one used to configure the integration. Please contact your SalesForce administrator.” This makes no sense, since I only had one Wrike account. I couldn’t find any documentation concerning this error.

Therefore, this review is based on:

  • My attempt to install the integration and going through the setup process
  • Reviews of Wrike documentation and demos
  • Reviews of integration posts on the Internet

Here is the spreadsheet used to score all of Wrike’s funcionality:

Download Wrike Scoring Spreadsheet

Click here to download the Wrike Excel spreadsheet.

In Conclusion

There are several options to integrate Wrike with Salesforce. These will allow you to build some of the professional services automation (PSA) tool functionality available in native Salesforce tools. Such capabilities as, creating a standard onboarding workplan in Wrike when a Salesforce opportunity is won.

The integrations would also allow you to store your project meta data in Salesforce and just use Wrike as a scheduling tool.



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