Detailed Review of Splash Announcements Salesforce App

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Splash Announcements is a neat little app for broadcasting announcements to all your Salesforce users. It would be a great app for a corporate-wide software release or for Salesforce admins.

Splash Announcements Review

Splash Announcements allows you to display a message to Salesforce users when they open their Salesforce app. This would be useful as a communication tool for a project implementation or software release. It would also be very useful for Salesforce admins to communicate to their users.


  • Very easy to use
  • Ability to create rich text messages with graphics and links
  • Tracks user’s acknowledgement of the message
  • Messages can be scheduled with a start and end date
  • Free


The only weakness is that the messages are all or nothing. It doesn’t support specific distribution lists. Therefore, every user of the apps that have installed the Splash Announcement tab will see the message. So, it is only good for company-wide type announcements.

If you wanted to use Splash Announcements only for a specific group, you could control the distribution of the messages by only giving the specific groups permission to view any Splash Announcement messages through permission sets. Or, you could only add the Splash Announcement tab to a specific Salesforce app.

Splash Announcements Pricing


How Does it Work?

1) An admin adds the Splash Announcements tab to the relevant Salesforce apps. It is added as the first tab so the users will see the message as soon as they open the app.

2) A Splash Announcements admin creates a message with a start and end date.

3) The user reads the message and clicks a button acknowledging they’ve seen the message.

4) Management can monitor the acknowledgements in a report to ensure everyone has gotten the message and determine if additional communication is required.



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