Detailed Review of Kickboard Salesforce Whiteboard App

Sumo wrestler on kickboard with Salesforce floating nearby

Kickboard Summary Findings

Kickboard is the virtual equivalent to a facilitated meeting where participants place Post-It notes on a whiteboard. Salesforce describes it as a digital transformation tool, but I would use this for a variety of project planning such as, initial project timelines and payoff matrices. This would be especially useful for virtual teams.

It only lacks one major feature of Miro: you can’t draw on the whiteboard, you can only add and move Post-It notes

    Kickboard Pricing

    It is a free app provided by Salesforce Labs. This is compared to Miro’s business pricing of $16/user/month.

    How Kickboard Works

    Static Background Image

    The Kickboard whiteboard consists of a static image which you can create from provided templates or uploading your own image. You create cards (i.e. Post-It notes) with a description and place them on the board. You can use different colored cards of just like Post-Its.

    Sample Kickboard board


    The niftiest feature is an auto-categorization capability. When you create the whiteboard, you can define categories based on either the color of the card or its position on the whiteboard. When you’ve populated the board you click the “Categorize” quick action and it applies the category values you’ve defined. You can then create a report and export the card information with the categories.

    Multiple Board Templates

    Kickboard comes with two templates with several boards that have pre-defined category rules. You can easily customize the category rules.

    External Collaboration

    Another great feature of Kickboard is that it can be used to collaborate with team members not on Salesforce. You create a Experience Cloud website and can then share the whiteboards.

    In Conclusion

    I definitely plan to use Kickboard in the future. I wish I had known about it during COVID, as it is a great alternative to Miro.



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