Lazy Intern

ChatGPT – Equivalent to a Lazy Intern

ChatGPT is impressive, but it is also extremely lazy and inaccurate. It is about as useful as a lazy intern! It has a tendency to simply make things up (i.e. lazy). This is called ‘hallucinations’. There is also a tendency to ‘drift’ or get more inaccurate over time. Think of a young child taking everything it sees on the Internet as gospel.

I’m Impressed

Wow! I know ChatGPT is currently popular and I don’t want to rehash old news, but I have to say I’m excited. People who know me know that I don’t get excited easily. I’m excited because after my first experience I’d say ChatGPT is equivalent to a lazy intern. That doesn’t sound like high praise, but I’m saying a computer is equivalent to a living breathing human being with several years of college. That’s impressive even though the computer lacks some of the initiative and motivation we all want in a good intern.

Brainstorming Possible App Names

I needed to brainstorm some names for a new application and I was trying to think of someone I could call. I then realized this was the perfect opportunity to try ChatGPT. The most impressive aspect was its recognition of conversational prose. The only thing which indicated I was chatting with a computer were the incredibly fast responses. ChatGPT handled my loose language and poor grammar without batting an eye.

What follows is my exchange with ChatGPT. You can continue to read deeper into my boring blog post or you can try ChatGPT for yourself. It only takes a few minutes to sign up here:

Initial List

I started by opening a chat with my lazy intern and asked them for names for a new project management application. Apparently, my intern had never brainstormed before and returned only one idea until I asked for ten more.

Ask ChatGPT for application names

I’d now trained the intern to provide ten ideas when brainstorming. Note I didn’t have to specify I wanted ten ideas again.

Incorporate “Full Project Lifecycle”

ChatGPT ideas for full project lifecycle

Evoke Emotion

Kudos to the intern for not correcting my grammar. I meant to say “evoke” rather than “invoke”. But were they now screwing with me? Really, “ProjectGenius” or “ProjElevate”?

ChatGPT names which evoke the concept of quality

Please Shorten

They have now lost interest and are just going through the motions. They were probably planning their spring break between answering my chats. I asked them to shorten some of my favorite names.

Shorter versions of favorite name options

“Full Life” Varations

Next, I asked them to emphasize the theme of “full life”. I thought it would be obvious I was looking for variations of the names I most liked. It is clear they just googled synonyms for “life” and stuck “Proj” in front of them. They were probably too busy making a TikTok video.

Names using synonyms for life

Struggles with Symbolism

I then asked them to be less literal. The intern didn’t really understand the intent of the symbolism, they just regurgitated my example of a tree.

ChatGPT incorporates tree into names


In a moment of insanity, I suggest incorporating the term “Yang”. But did I have to do all the work? This intern could have suggested some relevant symbols. It was like pulling teeth.

ChatGPT Names Based on Yang

Sincere Response

I thanked the intern even though I still didn’t have a final name. At least, they generated some ideas. Their response was appropriate, it almost sounded sincere.

Thanks ChatGPT

Check Availability

Then I realized someone must check domain and trademark availability of these names, and it wasn’t going to be me! I could narrow down the list first, but hey, the intern needed something to do. Of course, the lazy intern wasn’t about to spend an hour typing names into ICANN WHOIS. Besides, it was after five o’clock.

I wasn’t amused when they told me how to do it myself. That will have to go in their review.

Ask ChatGPT to check domain and trademark availability

No, You Do It!

“Okay smart ass, go ahead and write a script to check the domain availability”, is my response. What they sent was complete garbage. They obviously didn’t even run it once. There isn’t any ICANN status value of ‘available’, they completely made that up.

Python script for checking domain availability
ChatGPT provides useful guidance on using the Python script

Won’t Test

“Okay intern, how dare you send me a script that you didn’t test!”, is what I screamed at my laptop. I told them to test it, and they tell me they haven’t learned how to do that yet. Then they start back peddling telling me the Python script “is an example” and that I have to fix it myself!

Like any Gen Z they assume anyone over 40 is technically incompetent. They suggested they don’t need to check “” or “” using the script because they know those are already taken. To add insult to injury they reminded me that I need to have an internet connection!

ChatGPT can't test


Well, that was the end of my interaction with the “intern” ChatGPT. I’ll definitely throw them a bone now and then and ask for simple things, like brainstorming ideas. I’ll also continue to be polite and keep my criticisms to myself because I’m sure that in a few months I’ll be working for them!

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