Brian Springman

Freelance Consultant / Program Manager

I build comprehensive solutions that encompass: people, process and technology.

What Do I Do?

I manage the complete build of solutions from concept to implementation.

Freelance Business Consultant in Charlotte

I am a freelance business consultant based in Charlotte, NC.  I specialize in building comprehensive business solutions by coordinating: people, process and technology.  I have thirty years of experience  in program management achieving multi-million dollar business benefits.  I’ve been freelancing for Fortune 500 companies and startups for twenty-three years.  I initially learned program management working for seven years in Ernst & Young’s consulting practice. 

How Is My Approach Better?

I build tangible solutions, working the entire project lifecycle from initial concept through implementation.  I am not simply making recommendations.  I roll up my sleeves and work side-by-side with the client team doing whatever is needed to achieve the project goals. 

My project team motto is “All for one, and one for all!”  In practice, this motto translates into dedicated agile project teams, where the team members are trained to be multi-functional so it is a coordinated, team-based effort.  Primarily this is focused on making the business team members self-sufficient to remove as many low-skilled tasks from the developers. This can include product owners or business analysts: building reports, building low-code workflows, adding fields to existing tables, creating test files, etc. I am also multi-functional and I will work multiple roles based on current priorities even straddling the typical business and IT roles.

Typical Freelance Business Consultant Roles

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Process Design
  • Business Requirements Development
  • Business Case Development
  • Business Process Development
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Test Execution
  • Change Management
  • Meeting Facilitation

Typical IT Roles as Freelance Business Consultant

  • Technical Analysis
  • Technical Solution Design
  • System Configuration
  • Salesforce Administration

My Methodology

I utilize comprehensive project implementation methodologies based on a stage gate approach appropriate for the specific project: product development, Six Sigma, software development lifecycle, software package implementation, M&A integration. I marry this overall approach with an Agile software development methodology for the technology build. I strongly believe that for a project to be successful, the Agile software development has to be incorporated into an overall project approach to address business process improvement and change management.

Where Am I a Good Fit?

I’m a good fit if you need an experienced flexible day-to-day leader for a strategic initiative (re-engineering, M&A integration, major system project, etc.).  This leader must work side-by-side with an internal team and company executives.  Or, you need a part-time coach for an internal manager leading a strategic initiative for the first time and who lacks the practical project management experience.

Salesforce Certified Administrator
Proud Member of Pledge 1%


  • In just eight weeks, you helped us move from static reports to flexible, ad hoc analysis that allows us to perform the detailed investigation we need to gain insight into root causes and the potential savings we could realize with corrective action. As a result, we expect to significantly reduce costs and improve customer service.

    Jack Rech, Director of E-Commerce, National Gypsum Company
  • I have known Brian Springman for six years. His dedication to his clients and his personal integrity are exemplary. He was a key factor in successfully reengineering the complex, international business processes at Sea-Land.

    Geoff Peters, VP of Shipment Management, Sea-Land Service Inc.
  • You were able to quickly identify Supply Chain improvement opportunities and facilitate decision making based on facts and not on assumptions. You were able to apply Supply Chain theories in a practical way.

    Bob Walters, VP Sales & Marketing, Celanese Acetate LLC.
  • You understand the value of Supply Chain information and are able to communicate that value clearly. You assisted us in demonstrating the overall Supply Chain value of our products to our customers, such as, Dell Computer Manufacturing Operations Group .

    Don Anderson, VP of Marketing and Sales, Marconi Infochain

Products & Services

I can manage the entire life-cycle of the project from building the initial business case to implementation, including process improvement, software development and change management. I have personal experience in all aspects of program management. The only area I rely heavily on specialists is in the technical architecture design and coding of software solutions. I also provide several products: program management coaching, PM software evaluation spreadsheets, PM app. Click on each service below for detailed information.

Program Manager

Manage the design, build and implementation of large programs with multiple work streams.

Project Management Coaching

Managing a project or program for the first time? I can coach you through the entire process. This is a monthly subscription service.

Agile Scrum Master/Project Manager

Plan and manage the entire project including the scrums to deliver the business case.

Operations Consulting

Analyze and improve business operations related to order fulfillment: forecasting, manufacturing, logistics, and customer service.

Project Management Software Evaluation Spreadsheets

Detailed evaluations of project management software. Download scoring spreadsheets with 200+ project management requirements. Read detailed reviews highlighting key differentiators.

Project Lifecycle Pro App

Salesforce project management application with full-lifecycle PMO/PPM functionality. I built this app because existing project management tools are focused on scheduling versus the complete project management process.

Contact Me to Discuss Your Project

Please contact me so we can discuss your project. I'd like to buy you lunch and learn about what you are trying to accomplish.

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